Nexa (R) Series

Nexa (R) Series - Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove for Modern Kitchen

Meghatech the well known manufacturers and exporters of gas stoves from 2003 has launched the Good Flame brand of auto ignition gas stoves. The manufacturing is done under strict supervision of experts using best quality materials and is built to highest industry standards.

Good Flame the Trustworthy Name in Best Gas Stove

Good Flame kitchen stoves can be found in a wide variety of models from traditional stainless steel gas stoves to superbly built glass top gas stoves with incomparable features and quality. There are a huge variety of gas stoves to choose from to fit every budget and all types of kitchen. Sturdily built and tough they are presented in trendy new designs and a delightful addition to every kitchen. Good Flame is widely reputed as the best gas stove.

Top of the Line Nexa (R) Series

With the aim of providing our valued customers with highly durable and modern in style and function auto ignition gas stove we have brought the Nexa (R) series to the market. Nexa (R) series presents to the customer features that are convenient and helps to save time while cooking.

Nexa (R) series is available as 2 burner, 3 burner and 4 burner gas stove options. Nexa (R) series toughened glass cooktops from Good Flame is highly attractive and brings ease of maintenance and hygiene to your kitchen.

The Nexa (R) series is matchless in providing a hassle free and elegant experience when cooking. Glass top stoves have become very popular in recent years and it is with aim of satisfying that desire that Nexa (R) series has been created by our designers.

Nexa (R) series boasts of top range features:

  • Solid and durable stainless steel body provides stability and toughness.
  • Toughened glass 7mm thick top that is easy to clean and use.
  • Long lasting forged brass burners for high efficiency and low expenditure.
  • Safety from leakage is assured due to aluminum mixing tubes.
  • Metal knobs are elegant looking and easy to turn.
  • Nexa (R) series is available with two, three and four burners.
  • All the versions have auto ignition feature which makes it hassle free to light up.
  • The cast iron pan support is set diagonally giving the stoves a stylish look.
  • Stainless steel drip tray helps make cleaning an easy task

Nexa (R) Models

Nexa (R) models are aesthetically pleasing design and feature rich addition to your kitchen. They are available in 2 burners, 3 burners and 4 burner gas stove variations for family of every size.

4 B Nexa (R): 4 burner gas stove helps make all the meals for your large family conveniently and easily. Cook in a trouble free manner with auto ignition feature.

3 B Nexa (R): 3 burner auto ignition gas stove to meet cooking needs of a medium family. Cook meals in less time with convenience of three burners.

2 B Nexa (R): Glass top gas stove suitable for small family. Efficient forged brass burners take care of your cooking needs.