Runner Series

Good Flame Runner Series - Elegant Cooking Gas Stove for Stylish Cooking

Make cooking more enjoyable and smart with our elegant runner series ranging cooking gas stove in 2 burner, 3 burner and 4 burner Stove. The cooktop ranges in MS Powder coated body and SS Non Magnetic 0.5mm thickness body that makes it durable. The stove has a shatterproof glass top surface that gives a modern style to the product and makes cleaning of this trustworthy stove an easy process. We provide option of Auto-Ignition to give you enhanced convenience that saves you from the hassle of running around for a lighter or match box. The robust stove has good quality brass burners that give balanced flame for optimum heating purposes. The Gas Stove burner are provided with premium quality cast iron supports for the stability of your vessels.If you have a moderate size kitchen and wants your food to cook fast, ideal choice would be to buy gas stove 3 burner or 4 burner stove.

Why to Opt for Good Flame Cooking Gas Stove?

Over the years, Good Flame has worked on the designs and features of cooking gas stove in order to provide clients best quality stoves. We offer wide variety of models from stainless steel to glass top suiting every range and style. All our models are built with high industry standards. Our name is trustworthy in market and we guarantee our products are risk free meeting all standards. Buy our product to give modern stylish look to your kitchen.

Top Features of Runner Series Gas Burner Stove

  • MS powder coated body for high durability and toughness.
  • Toughened glass top 7mm thick that is easy to clean and use.
  • Heavy brass burners which provides steady flame.
  • Auto Ignition feature for your convenience and hassle free cooking.
  • Stylish and easy to turn knobs.
  • Safety from leakage is assured due to Aluminium mixing tubes.
  • 325 Gm pan support so that you can cook wholesome food in large quantities in big vessels without the fear of the appliance getting damaged.
  • Runner series available in 2 burner, 3 burner, and 4 burner stove as per your needs and convenience.
  • Fuel efficient and made of high quality material.